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Working from Home

Strategies & Systems

Where you can grow your business without increasing your hours or becoming burnt out.

Can you imagine? A well-oiled system of processes, tools, and automation to support you and get you away from the day-to-day repetitive management while leaving you the time and the energy to focus on your business.

Systems allow us to achieve success even if we’re not there physically – systems strategy is what allows you to live your dream life!

Strategy is a plan for the development of a business, including its objectives and the means to achieve them. It includes the long-term goals and provides direction to the company's management. It tells everyone involved what the business does and how it will achieve it.

The implementation of a well-thought-out business strategy with strong systems can increase your chances of success, help you understand your company’s current situation, develop a long-term goal, set interim objectives, and then create an action plan. By combining your systems with a strategy, you can implement tactics that will increase efficiency, allow you to make changes to these tactics when needed, or even pivot your strategy.

How Does It Work?

Pick a day that works for you from the calendar. Keep in mind that you’ll have 3-4 weeks of prep work to complete before we can work together including strategy calls and that all of your content is ready to go for your day.

Make sure to choose a date where you’ll be available to communicate with us throughout the day for revisions, feedback, etc. Secure your date with a 50% deposit.

Step 1: Book Your Date

After you schedule your VIP day, check your email for a confirmation and a service contract.

In your confirmation will be an additional link to schedule your brainstorm call.

Our brainstorm call is a way for us to get to know you and your business' needs. We go through a series of questions with you and are able to ask follow-ups. This will insure that we are able to provide quality into your designs to better serve you!

Step 2: Brainstorm Call

We'll send you any clarifying questions that have come up for use to make sure you get the most out of your VIP day. These precursor steps will make sure that we're able to prep as much as possible and there's more implementation during your VIP day.

Step 3: Complete The Prep Work

Your VIP day has finally arrived!

 Our first 90 minutes will solidify the review of your business vision, goals, and projects. Then it's time to go over strategies, practical tips, shortcuts, and anything else you need to achieve your goals. We cover the behind the scenes tools we use to create a custom system for your business and transition it to you for your use.

Step 4: The Big VIP Day

Once we’ve completed our day together, you’ll have 2-4 weeks (depending on the package chosen) to reach out for any support or troubleshooting questions!

This allows you to decompress about everything that has gone on, and see if you have run into any roadblocks so we can help you get back on track!

Step 5: Post-Launch Support

VIP Strategy & Sytems Day

Our offer is ideal for high achievers, people that don't have time to waste on long-term projects, and business owners that want everything ready from day one and don't need long term support.

Our VIP days include:

  1. Your uniquely personalized service tailored to your specific needs and goals to achieve the best results possible

  2. A dedicated strategizer (for 8 extensive hours) solely focused on your project

    • Meaning no distractions from notifications, phone calls, tasks​

    • We guarantee 100% of our focus is on you and your tasks!

  3. Catered Lunch (Full Day Services Only)

  4. Multiple strategies, systems, tips, shortcuts, and tools to make sure you're able to implement on the VIP Day.

The full investment is $3,200 (Half Day), $4,200 (Virtual Full Day), or $5,200 (In-Person Full Day), with 50% due at signing to secure your VIP day.


Let’s work together to help optimize your company to its fullest

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