Turning an Opportunity Into a Win

Amanda Starr, Owner/Photographer

Amanda Starr Photography of Essex Junction, Vermont

Celebrating the wins and remembering to live our lives from a place of gratitude is essential to running a business. My name is Amanda Starr and I am the owner of Amanda Starr Photography. I specialize in serving women and the important people in their lives with a portrait experience that elevates, celebrates, and empowers women and leaves them feeling seen and beautiful. I love, love, love my job and the important work I do.

As business owners, we need to remember to celebrate our wins, embody gratitude, maintain positive vibes, and remain open to all of the wonderful opportunities that are all around us if we know where to look. Today I’d love to tell you a story that illustrates seeing an opportunity and turning it into a win worthy of celebration.

Let’s begin with a little history lesson. Last year was my first year “All In” in business. As a busy mother of three, I hired an employee to help manage my household and dove into portrait photography full time. It was terrifying AND It was a great year! I networked, made wonderful friends in business, served my clients with the best that I had to offer, and reached my financial goals. I did the work, leads came in and I was able to serve many clients, it was a life full of abundance.

Until it wasn’t.

November the number of clients that I served decreased significantly and December came with no clients in sight. I tried marketing studio family portraits. Crickets. I offered headshots and branding, but still no interest.

What else could I do? I worked with women and had a studio space...what other genres were available to me? Then an a-hah moment, why didn’t I give boudoir a try?

Boom! I put together a portfolio and started to spread an important message about self-love and acceptance through the lens of boudoir photography and this message resonated with women.

Fast forward 8 months. My new love affair with the genre has become a big part of my current business. I am so thankful that this important work arose from a need to get bums in seats, and it has grown into so much more. This is a genre that is truly important work. I have even created a private Facebook community called The Boudoir Collective to share my work, and support women in their journey to self-love and acceptance, and it's also as a platform to support other women-owned businesses. Many of the businesses that are featured are ones that I have reached out to in response to client needs...these women solve problems like mindset, self-love, being one's best self, and spiritual growth.

I LOVE the work that I do. I LOVE supporting women and showing them how beautiful they are right now. I love connecting with my clients and serving them closely. I am so thankful for all of my clients, my networking community, and for seizing an opportunity that came out of a problem.

As you know, being a business owner is hard work and I have found it takes true grit, perseverance and the right “can do” and growth mindset to thrive. There are so many hurdles to overcome when in business, and in my example, client and cash flow problems are both major stressors. Please let this story be an inspiration to see the opportunity within any challenge that you are facing.

My ask for today is that this week, this month, and this year, is to have a gratitude mindset and don’t forget to celebrate all of your wins, both big and small! Can you think of a recent challenge that turned into a major win? Let me know in the comments and let’s celebrate together!

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