Hobby Turned Success Story

By Travis & Joy Spencer, Blue Sunflower Aromas

Many successful businesses start off as a hobby.

The issue that arises for many business owners is wanting to turn that hobby into a revenue generator, but how do you get there?

My passion for candles is what led me to create Blue Sunflower Aromas. I knew I wanted to make something different, a candle that was clean-burning and made from a renewable resource.

I had a lot to learn about this new business. The first hard lesson was you can’t please everyone, nor should you be trying to please everyone!

The initial product line was too broad. I picked all the “normal” scents everyone was looking for at those bigger candle companies. Boring!

The cost of inventory and supplies grew, which led to our product being on the shelf longer. It was time to revamp and make a better candle and operate a leaner business.

I started researching for higher quality ingredients, which led me to:

  • coconut soy wax

  • unique, toxic-free luxury fragrance oils

  • beautiful blue and white frosted jars made of recycled glass

  • bamboo lids

We now knew who we wanted to be and who we wanted to serve.

Our multiple-size containers and multiple types of wax inventory nightmare had given way to a more streamlined operation. Production was faster and inventory more manageable.

We had created the luxury product I had always wanted to make. A truly unique candle experience. This change in our product also allowed for a change in marketing. By carving out more time to focus my energy on my social media presence, our followers started to grow.

One candle size made it easier to take pictures, utilize video and target our approach and image. Just like I did with the candles, I utilized different applications to make my social media work more efficient. Using online tools helped me to plan my social media posts and keep my message consistent and on-brand.

The moral of the story is sometimes we need to take a step back and reevaluate our brand. Scaling our business to maximize resources can help accelerate growth.

Knowing who you want to be and the market you want to attract is the light that will guide your way.

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