Core Principle: Relevance

Relevance - Small business have a tougher time in the competitive business world. It's no surprise. They have small to no staff, fewer resources, and tiny budgets. That's why, no matter how hard they seem to try, many small business owners must close their doors shortly after opening them. Try as they might, they just can't seem to stay afloat, remain profitable, or remain relevant. To avoid becoming another small business statistic, you must ensure that you stay relevant in the business world.

Here are some tips for staying relevant:

  1. Get onboard with Inbound Marketing

  2. Hire the Right People

  3. Invest in Sales Enablement

  4. Stay up to Date

  5. Never Stay Stagnant

Here at Buchanan Virtual Office, we will always remain agile in our thinking and responsive to current emerging trends, technologies, opportunities, and challenges. It's our goal to make sure that our clients stay in the know, to avoid being another statistic.

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