How To Be Your Best While Client Facing

Gina Buchanan

Buchanan Virtual Office, Operations Managing Partner

Whether you’re a salesperson, a marketing rep, or in customer support, if a customer or client crosses paths with an employee or contractor, that employee or contractor represents your brand, and their behavior impacts how people perceive your company’s approach to customer service. If a customer has a negative interaction with an employee or contractor, it doesn’t matter which department or area that the employee or contractor works in. They’ve still added friction to the customer’s journey and could have damaged your company’s relationship with that customer/client.

Here are 7 ways to improve Customer/Client Facing Skills:

  1. You’ll need to know how to read and react to emotions – EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

  2. ACTIVE LISTENING can be applied to any customer/client-facing situation

  3. You’ll need to explain to customers/clients why they need your product or service to accomplish their goal – PROBLEM-SOLVING

  4. You’ll need to explain something to a customer/client at some point in your relationship with them. If your explanation isn’t clear, it can probably lead to a friction-filled experience – CLEAR COMMUNICATION

  5. PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION – not only should your communication be clear, but it needs to be confident and compelling as well. The better you can present your information, the more likely that the customer will listen to your advice.

  6. SELF AWARENESS – is one important skill. You need to know how the customer perceives your service and whether they think positively of their experience.

  7. When you do figure out why customers are unhappy, it’s essential to listen to their feedback and make changes based on their recommendations – RECEPTIVE TO FEEDBACK

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