Bottom Line Booster 2022

Updated: Feb 25

Christopher O'Grady, Client Services Director, Green Mountain Payments

With a new year comes new goals and one unique way to improve your profit margin without raising your prices is by utilizing the ZERO cost credit card acceptance program by Green Mountain Payments.

Many local businesses are often times excessively and unnecessarily billed by their credit card processing service; these pesky fees are often disguised by using industry terminology unfamiliar to the business owner and billing practices that are difficult to understand (Non-PCI Validation/Lease Fees/Enhanced Billback/OmniShield/Monthly Discount, etc.).

Green Mountain Payments is a locally owned credit card processing company that has been in business for over 15 years, they specialize in helping small business owners control costs by offering incentive-based payment acceptance methods.


Simply process a payment on one of our proprietary systems (terminal, phone app, computer, or website), when a customer chooses the convenience of credit card, instead of cash, ACh, check, or Venmo, then the customer is charged a flat 3.5% non-cash adjustment; you receive the funds from the sale the next day and the adjustment goes to the band to pay for the processing. You pay NO credit card processing fees, IT IS INCREDIBLE! This is the same process used by our local government, DMVs, Electric Companies, Schools/Universities, and more!

When you work with Green Mountain Payments, you receive a dedicated partner, one that supports the local community, and will help you navigate the complicated payment acceptance process.

Currently, many of our local small businesses are being deceived by out of state rate companies paying for numerous junk fees that could be avoided, and when a technical/customer service issue arises the service level is extremely disappointing.

In 2022, take control of your finances and customer service by working with Green Mountain Payments. Visit our website for additional information and testimonials.

Green Mountain Payments has a 5-star Google rating and is the preferred payment provider of Buchanan Virtual Office.

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