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Depend On Our Experts

Why Notarize My Documents with BVO?

We streamline and organize your business activities to improve efficiency and save you time. We fine-tune your scheduling and recurring tasks, implement tools that improve processes, documentation, and reporting, and assist with business development and accountability.

We can review your website and social media platforms to ensure they are current and active enough for the best exposure. We can help source and write content, and we assist with your business development if you are looking to increase your networking attendance, speaking opportunities and other growth prospects.

Our goal is to get you from overwhelmed and doing everything yourself to being organized and handing off tasks that don’t directly feed your sales activities and business growth.

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Image by Aleksey Boev
Image by Stephen Goldberg

Lisa A.

Co-Founder, Vista Caballo, LLC

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What Our Clients Say

What Do We Offer?

Acknowledgments, affidavits, financial agreements, contracts, retirement planning documents, bill of sale, closings, refinancing, paternity, power of attorney, living will, and more.

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Why just work for you when we could work with you!

What Our Clients Say


Lisa A.

Co-Founder, Vista Caballo, LLC

“I was looking for a VA who could keep up with me. Someone who was responsive, tech-savvy, proactive, professional. Someone who had my back and wanted to have it. Someone who knew what I wanted on an intuitive level and could provide it in spades. Gina has provided this and more. She started at 100% and has continued to produce at that level consistently. In only a short space of time, she has shaped our team and has started to lead it. She has noteworthy levels of integrity, responsibility, and honesty. She is a great team player. And has a good sense of humor to boot. I highly recommend her with the caveat that I hope to be filling up all of her time soon so her availability may be limited.”

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