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Human Resources

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Need Help Setting Up Your HR Team?

Do you have your own HR Team/Department but do not have enough manpower to complete immediate Human Resource tasks and activities?

Are you a busy entrepreneur and do not have the luxury to focus on managing time-consuming human resource administration? 

Want to focus more on growing business and be able to delegate repetitive tasks than can be done by others. Do you simply need help in the human resource department but cannot afford the cost of hiring an in-house HR employee?

We deliver effective recruiting and human resource services to small businesses, entrepreneurs and managers.

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What Do We Offer?

Job posting/job ads management, applicant screening, resume/profile review, background checking, administering screening tests, phone interviews, book in-office interviews, database management of employee files, facilitating new hire orientation, and congratulatory email for new hires.

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Free Ebook

We'd like to share our knowledge with you and this free e-book is a great way to do that!

Have you ever been curious about why the term "ideal client" and "niche" are discussed in the small business world (so often)?

Are you struggling with the idea that identifying someone as an ideal client limits your market or your services?

Do you know what people are truly looking for when they're searching for someone to serve them? Do you want to know how to identify your ideal client?

To can find all these answers (and so much more) in our free e-book, Defining Your Ideal Client. Enjoy!

Looking for  something else?

Send us your contact information or request a consultation now so we can assist you with all your virtual assistant needs or answer any questions you might have to improve your business's efficiency at the most affordable rates.


Why just work for you when we could work with you!

What Our Clients Say


Lisa A.

Co-Founder, Vista Caballo, LLC

“I was looking for a VA who could keep up with me. Someone who was responsive, tech-savvy, proactive, professional. Someone who had my back and wanted to have it. Someone who knew what I wanted on an intuitive level and could provide it in spades. Gina has provided this and more. She started at 100% and has continued to produce at that level consistently. In only a short space of time, she has shaped our team and has started to lead it. She has noteworthy levels of integrity, responsibility, and honesty. She is a great team player. And has a good sense of humor to boot. I highly recommend her with the caveat that I hope to be filling up all of her time soon so her availability may be limited.”

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