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Who We Are

Buchanan Virtual Office provides services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and artists who do not have the space, equipment, funds, or desire to hire in-house, full-time staff. Our services are specifically designed to be a one-stop office and include Administrative, Web & Graphic Design, Light Bookkeeping, and so much more. See our complete list of services here.

We specialize in being proactive with our clients. We have always known that this is our distinct, competitive advantage. Clients work with our team to cut costs, create high-performance businesses and free themselves from the frustration of trying to figure it out or do it all. We can take your project from conception to completion, which takes the burden off you.

Our team has worked in different capacities as business administrators, becoming the strategic people that can help you gain more clarity in your business and personal life.

Creative Working

Meet [Y]our Team


Shane R.B.

Zen Master

I’ve been told that I have the perfect balance of a Type A organized, logical thinker & Type B creative visionary.  I like to figure out the easiest and simplest solutions to problems, challenges, and projects – it’s an exciting puzzle to be solved.

During off-hours, I’m found hanging out with family and friends, creative fusion cooking, or coming up with new adventure ideas.


DonnCherie M.

Financial Partner

I have over twenty years of experience as an accounting professional in the private sector. Having worked with many different types of businesses over the years, I genuinely enjoy working with artists and small business owners.

My expert knowledge of most accounting software, including Quickbooks Online (QBO), Xero, Receipt Bank, Hubdoc, and other cloud-based accounting apps will help keep your business financially healthy. I come with QBO certification and have QBO Advanced Certification.


Gina B.

Operations Partner

I am responsible for streamlining our daily work.  I’m the go-to person for the down and dirty detail work. That’s probably why I love connecting with clients on their big business vision and helping to bring it to life.

Some of my favorite things include spending quality time with my family or sneaking away to watch my favorite shows or read a book. I love to cook and bake – so when the holidays roll around, you will always find me in the kitchen.

Photo Jul 22, 7 13 33 PM (1)_edited.jpg

Kaitlyn C.

Project Manager

After graduating from UVM with a degree in neuroscience, I love finding out why things work the way they do and how we can use data to optimize them and make them better!

I love my diligent work with BVO and when I'm not here, I can be found dancing in the kitchen, obsessing over my two cats (Luna and Marvel), watching a good movie, or volunteering in the community!

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